Displaced Yankee Productions | Short Films
Choosing Your Course
2002 | 12min | 35mm
Nothing that is served up at the Sciltre is what is seems and sometimes what you have is not necessarily what you want. When Simone reluctantly agrees to a blind date with Oliver at the hottest restaurant in town, she doesn't have very high expectations for the evening. She's not disappointed! Oliver turns out to be a nightmare. Looking for a mental escape, Simone begins to tune into the experiences of the other diners around her... with help from the sultry Nina, sitting alone in the center of the room. As Simone gets caught up in the flirting, fighting and food around her, she comes to realize that the best choices at the Sciltre might not be on the menu.
Written/Produced/Directed: Heather E. Connell
Associate Producer/DP: Cristin Pescosolido
Production Manager & Sound Recordist: Carla Springman
Editor: Hunter M. Via
Camera Assistant: Kim Whaley
Grip & Set Crew: Laura Campanelli
Set Crew: Kenyetta Brown
Still Photography: Yoshihiro Makimo, Lisa Telpham
Post Production Sound: John Gocha
Original Score by: Seth Podowitz
Hair & Makeup Artist: Nikol Davis
Executive Chef: Jason Hotchkiss
Simone: Siuan McGahan
Oliver: Cloud Pemble
Nina: Alexander Keith
Julia: Marsha Kilgallen
Head Waiter: Eric Fleming
Maitre De: Rolf Danner
Engaged Couple: Bridget Lloyd, Dan Ruetter
Fighting Couple: E.E. Hayes, Howard "Sisko" Bell
Extras: Kenyetta Brown, Laura Campanelli, Jill Carlson, Cate Heneghan, Ray Swartz
Cradle/Grave follows a day in the life of an older couple as they struggle to deal with the planning of their only son's funeral. Their grief takes on a new dimension as they must not only plan for their son's funeral... but deal with witnessing his death - as a condemned prisoner awaiting execution. Cradle/Grave will cause you to look at death and life in a whole new way.

Witness the trials and tribulations of two very different sets of parents... one gay, one straight... as they go through their daily lives, and decide for yourself, what makes you fit or unfit to love and raise your own children.

Her side is black, his side is white and on the happiest day of their lives, a young couple finds the aisle up the middle to the alter to be a very thin line indeed. For better or worse has started between two very divided families even before the ceremony has begun.

Writer/Director/Executive Producer: Heather E. Connell
Associate Producer/Casting Director: Deb Petrides
Children's Coach: Bridget Lloyd
Director of Photography: Tomomi Itaya
Assistant Camera: Michael Cwichon
Gaffer: Eric Davis
Grips: Scott Gentry, Michael O'Brien, Matthew Carroll
Sound Mixer: Mariel Lohninger
Boom Operator: Rob Reyes
Art Director: Cydney Perske
Make-up Artist: Alana Jill Cohen
Assistant Makeup: Jessica Smith
Costumer: Else Marie Ayala
Set Design/Props Master: Matt Page, Noel Henke
Script Supervisor: Ana Birch
Still Photographer: Dan Hontz
Catering: Cate Heneghan, Jill Carlson & Carla Springman
Original Soundtrack: Music by Chapter in Verse
Post Production Work: Midnight Oil
Production Assistants: Arlene Lim, Ana De La Cruz, ane Shadgett, Danielle Dietlin
Mime: Jennifer Lora, Anthony Wilder
Walter (Cradle/Grave): Shaun Kurtz
Millie (Cradle/Grave): Audrey Davis
Edward (Cradle/Grave): Rick Thomason
James (child) (Cradle/Grave): Charlie Kennedy
James (adult) (Cradle/Grave): Bart van de goor
Correctional Officer (Cradle/Grave): Dan Hontz, Susan Kwiatkowski
Warden/Wedding Guest (Cradle/Grave): Rickey G. Williams
Witness (Cradle/Grave): Cate Heneghan, Theresa Kennedy, Oscar De Gruy, William Boyer
Witness/Wedding Guest (Cradle/Grave): Jennifer Bobiwash, Terie Trenchard
Rachel (Fit/Unfit): Alexandra Zabriskie
Jeremy (Fit/Unfit): Mitchell Fink
Alexander (Fit/Unfit): Kevin Gardner
Rebecca (Fit/Unfit): Lindsey Krueger
Valerie (Fit/Unfit): Bridgett Lloyd
Doug (Fit/Unfit): Mark Shady
Jack (Fit/Unfit): Anthony Scebba
Minister (Colorblind): Ed Ford, Jr.
Bride (Colorblind): Jameelah McMillan
Groom (Colorblind): Doug Berry
Maid of Honor (Colorblind): E. E. Hayes
Best Man (Colorblind): Dick Derry
Father of the Bride (Colorblind): Alex E. Burns
Mother of the Bride (Colorblind): Selma Pinkard
Father of the Groom (Colorblind): Jon Riendeau
Mother of the Groom (Colorblind): Jill Carlson
Bride's Guests (Colorblind): Aarron Brown, Car'ynn, Ca'Shawn & Chris'tol Sims, Charliene Michele, Dante Montgomery, Darrell Barnes, Dawn Charisse, Desmon Heck, Marvin L. Bell, Patrick Raney, Stacy Currie, Shawn Sims
Groom's Guest (Colorblind): Cheri Themer, Jaelin & McKenna Palmer, Maggie Kennedy, Dennis Ryan, Laurie Morgan, Michael Marchard, Tammy Boule, Laura Campanelli