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Forget Us Not
During WWII Hitler embarked on a systematic campaign to annihilate the Jewish population. But his plans to create an Aryan Nation did not end with the unprecedented persecution of the Jews. From 1933 to 1945, millions of individuals were arrested, shipped to labor and death camps and classified for their various offenses using a color coded system of triangles and other symbols. An estimated 11 million lost their lives. Thousands more survived and bear the scars emotionally and physically of a life brutally lived.
Forget Us Not is a moving, in depth look at the persecution and subsequent death of the 5 million non Jewish victims of the WWII Holocaust and the lives of those who survived.
Through stories of survivors and historical footage, these lesser known voices are brought to life. From the Roma and Sinti people who were also targeted for complete annihilation to the thousands of Catholic Priests who were killed for speaking out, Forget Us Not strives to educate and give tribute to those who were killed for their religion, ethnicity, political views, sexual orientation and physical handicaps.
Directed and Produced by Heather E. Connell
Written by Heather E Connell and Lane Shadgett
Original Music by Sherene Strausberg
Cinematographer: Arthur Lee
Editor: Jason Rosenblatt
Sound design & Re-recording mixer: Rommel Molina
Audio Supervisor: Jorge Costa
Still Photographer: Theresa Kennedy
Narration by Ron Perlman