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April 2016
Documentary Forget Us Not remembers non-Jewish victims of Nazi atrocities
Forget Us Not {documentary film screening in commemoration of UN Holocaust Remembrance Day}
May 2015
FilmSnobbery’s Interviewed Director Heather Connell
July 2013
Forget Us Not Premiere
May 2013
A beautiful smile during her strength building exercises!
Rowan learning how to drink from a cup on her own! This is a wonderful mileston…
Sharing family time. Safe Haven child with his dad.
Pheakdey does a PT assessment.
A Safe Haven mom practices PT techniques she learned with her son. We want to em…
Proud of my Safe Haven staff who are always going above and beyond. Even though…
Can you help? Our superstar physical therapist Pheakdey has recently joined the…
April 2013
I love the pure joy on her face! Please help us spread that joy and support our…
I want to take a moment to thank Richelle Dante, one of our Safe Haven board mem…
This is such a beautiful moment! It really captures the love and pride of a Saf…
February 2013
Notes From The Field: Creature Comforts
Notes From The Field: Is That Sound The Recycle Guy Or Just The Air Con Breaking?
Rules To Live By
Notes From The Field – Obstacles
Notes From The Field by Safe Haven Nurse Jess Whitney
The Wheels Of The Plane Go Up and Down, Up and Down, All Day(s) Long
October 2012
Forget Us Not Narrator Announced!
September 2012
Sumnamg Remembered
May 2012
Free Police Visit Included With Every New Account
Crickets, Frogs and Other Reasons I Skipped Lunch
Measure Of Success
December 2011
Robert Wagemann
November 2011
Safe Haven in the Pasadena Weekly!
July 2011
I’ll Take Typhoid for $700, Alex
New Hire!
May 2011
Gonna Film A Movie, If We Can Just Find Our Way Out Of The Parking Garage
March 2011
Cracked Up
Coming Full Circle
Adventures In Tuk Tuk’ing
December 2010
Ceija Stojka
Wilhelm Heckmann
Veronika Elenska Young
Natalia Orloff-Klauer
Natalia Orloff-Klauer
October 2010
Here Is Where The Real Misery Began
Playing Where’s Waldo With The Roma Memorial
Getting Lost In The Present And The Past
If you are handicap and need a bathroom, the Autobahn is the place to be
With Vodka And A Polish Phrase Book I am Ready For An Indecent Exposure
September 2010
Singing the Parasite Blues
August 2010
Caught in a Downpour
One Step Forward, Two Steps Back
Cambodian Facelift
It’s Always Raining In Dachau
January 2010
You Can’t Always Get What You Want
I will never again complain about the quality of the water in Los Angeles.
How Many infectious hacking running nose children does it take to qualify as a pandemic?
The Road To Siem Reap Is Paved With Water Buffalo
How Curiosity Can Kill Stupid Western Foreigners
22 hours of traveling seems a LOT longer when you can’t drink
August 2009
Return to Siem Reap
Feeding the Fishes
Leaving Phnom Penh
When NOT to Spa, or How I Lost All Sense Of Modesty In Cambodia
Toddler Chain Gang
It’s Not Easy Being Clean
Cambodian Time Warp
Phanton Lice, Real Gnats and Little Girl Lost
Cambodia Bound With The Invisible Child
March 2009
Karate, Parades and Being The Pied Piper
Shopping With Teenagers Is The Same Everywhere
The Road To Phnom Penh
Two Boys Named Sum Namg
Spitting In The Wind
Thai Massages, Lady Boys and Other Reasons To Love Bangkok
July 2007
Travel Part II
April 2007
Home Tomorrow
Wrestling an Elephant
Don’t Think of Malaria and Tapeworm
The Final Days
Long Shoot Day
March 2007
At Community First Initiative
Mak Tor
Motto Drivers Are a Romantic Lot
Let’s Hear It For Global Warming
Always Wear Sunscreen
Off to Cambodia
July 2006
Last Day
Russian Market
Fried Frog?
On the Road Again
S21 Genocide Museum
Back To School
Hunting for Interviews
The Long, long, long (did I mention long) road to Battambang
Deep Fried Larva
Sink Hole!
The Smell
Just as I Remember
Travel Part I
Countdown To Cambodia: Part II
March 2006
It’s Five a.m. Again – Why Do I Travel With Theresa?
The Road To Siem Reap
Chopsticks, Tuk Tuk drivers And The Search For Chanting Monks
Wednesday Morning
Tuesday Morning
The Road To The Killing Fields
24 Hours Later
In the Air
Friday at last!
The Lost Passport (otherwise titled, why I should NEVER plan ahead)
Countdown to Friday