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We were picked up by our boat guide – a young dude in snazzy oversized board shorts, designer sunglasses and beads around his neck, proving that beach boys are the same the world over. We were joined by a very nice French couple, Bart and Isobel, and all of us piled into the speedboat, which was ours for the day. The reefs were a good half an hour away by speedboat and the four of us commandeered the front of the bow delighting in the power of crashing through the waves. In short order we were at one of three dive spots for snorkeling and quickly donned our gear. The reefs were spectacular. Rich, vibrant colors and fascinating, yet alien formations surrounded us at every turn. Huge schools of colorful fish swam all around us, deftly swarming around our bodies without touching – a feat with literally hundreds schooling together. I saw a Tim Tum swim by – a colorful orange fish I had eaten for dinner the night before and it had been rather tasty. However, thinking about eating the fish while swimming with them in their world was perhaps a less than charitable thought toward the spectacular nature around me so I squashed it. Until dinnertime. 🙂
Megan – who has never snorkeled before was thoroughly enjoying herself. Until she, unfortunately, swallowed a huge mouthful of seawater – it went downhill from there. The seawater made her violently nauseous and combined with the subsequent speedboat travel to the next spot – she had a less than enjoyable remainder of the afternoon. She loved the snorkeling – but everything else in between pretty much sucked for her. Our last stop off was at a rocky projection covered with monkeys. The guide handed us pieces of watermelon to throw to them and I offered one to the slightly green looking Canadian leaning on the rail next to me. “Care to chuck a piece?” I asked.
She gave me a wry look – “You might what to rephrase that,” she said grimly clutching her stomach. I cautiously moved away.

We’re now back at the hotel and my exhausted companion is sleeping on the bed next to mine as I contemplate our long journey home tomorrow. Refreshed and rejuvenated by my few days in this Island paradise among the green jungles and warm clear sea blue waters, I am ready to get going and get back in the editing room to finish work on “Small Voices”. The support of friends and family on this project has been amazing and as I wrap this final blog from this final production trip to Cambodia, I am reminded how fortunate I am to be surrounded by such amazing individuals who inspire and encourage me. The last two years would not have been possible without you.


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