Displaced Yankee Productions | Vanta


Vanta, our Tuk Tuk driver is waiting outside the hotel, as usual, to see us off to the airport. We are running late and Iā€™m already feeling a bit nervous. While the others are flying home ā€“ Megan and I are flying to Koh Chang Island via Bangkok for a few days and the plane we are going on is a small propeller type plane. While I have mostly conquered my fear of flying, I am prone to set backs when my plane resembles a wind up toy. Dennis pulls out a deck of Tarot cards and I manage to pull out the card of courage, which is a lot better than the airplane crashes card as Art helpfully pointed out. What a nice guy – who capped off our shoot the night before at dinner by ordering and eating a plate full of tarantulas. Trust my DP to find a way to wig me out one last time before we wrap.


− three = 4