Displaced Yankee Productions | Friday at last!

Friday at last!

I’m packed and ready to walk out to door -armed with everyone’s good advice. Bring Power Bars (Megan) Don’t wear Jewelry (Cher) Photocopy your passport in case you get robbed (Stef) Be Careful (just about everyone) and my personal favorite from a random documentary filmmaker who has been there before – “Don’t eat at Happy Harry’s Pizza – they season their pizza with marijuana.” Happy indeed. It’s hard to believe a year’s worth of work, pre production wise, is
finally on the verge of becoming a reality. It’s so gratifying to witness the development of a concept into a reality. I can hardly wait to get there and get going. Though I could certainly do without the 22 hours of travel starting at midnight. First up – 14 hours to China. At midnight. In the middle seat. Then onto Cambodia after a layover. I hope to send back amazing photos and daily updates and please leave us messages!


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